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Relocating to Grand Forks? Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning a move to Grand Forks, ND but not sure just what to expect? Well, we can tell you up front, that we truly love this city, and we’re not alone. Thousands of people call Grand Forks home, some who swear they’ll never leave! Here’s what else you need to know about relocating to Grand Forks.

7 Things to Know When Moving to Grand Forks

1. Yes, It is Cold. But Summers Compensate

learn about winter when relocating to grand forksYes, the winter temps regularly fall below freezing and the wind and snow can make things a bit… chilly. But come spring and summer, residents flock to the great outdoors to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and low humidity.

2. The Parks Provide Amazing Outdoor Opportunities

beautiful outdoor recreation when relocating to grand forksAlong with beautiful weather come beautiful parks! Hundreds of acres of parkland throughout the city provide plenty of ways to get outside, from biking and walking paths to ball fields and courts to scenic nature preserves. And there’s plenty of water recreation to be enjoyed along the Red River or the nearby Lake Agassiz, as well as some amazing golfing.

3. There’s Plenty of Culture and Entertainment

things to do when relocating to grand forksFrom rich history and museums to live theatre and beautiful art galleries to thriving nightlife, Grand Forks has something for everyone to enjoy. Explore the shops, restaurants, and bars of a burgeoning Downtown scene. Discover live performances at the Chester Fritz Auditorium or explore the North Dakota Museum of Art. Find shopping and dining at Grand Cities Mall. And so much more.

4. The Employment is Truly Diverse

diverse employment opportunities when relocating to grand forksGrand Forks Air Base makes up a major part of the economy and provides a strong military presence within the area—but it’s far from the only major employer or industry in town. There is also plenty of opportunity within the education, defense, healthcare, and research sectors as well, and the University of North Dakota offers a wide array of opportunities.

5. The Schools are Top-Notch

good schools when relocating to grand forksIn addition to the notable University of North Dakota, Grand Forks is home to Grand Forks Public Schools, which include 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, two high schools, one alternative school, and an adult school. It is ranked the #2 Best Public School District in North Dakota.

6. The People are Friendly and Hard-Working

friendly community when relocating to grand forksYou’ll never meet a big city with more small-town charm and hardworking spirit! Maybe it’s the cold winters or the rich history embedded in the heart of the city, but people in Grand Forks aren’t afraid to knuckle down and get the job done. And on the flip side, you’ll hardly find a more welcoming city anywhere!

7. The Housing is Very Affordable

beautiful homes for sale in grand forksWith a median home price of just $163,000, Grand Forks offers plenty of opportunities for home buyers of all walks of life—at a pleasing price tag.

Are you planning on buying a home in Grand Forks? Contact RE/MAX Grand today to learn more about Grand Forks, discover its beautiful neighborhoods, and discover your dream home. As your area experts, we’re here to help you make it happen!

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